In some much-needed good news, the legislature in the state of Ohio has recently passed a wonderful bill known as the Student Religious Liberties Act. This legislation targets public schools in the state to ensure that Christian students, and students of any other religion, are not punished for their faith.

This legislation essentially codifies rulings made in recent years by both the court system and the Department of Education regarding the importance of public schools treating religious students equally to other students.

This law specifically addresses and allows prayer, prayer groups, religious clubs, “See You at the Pole” gatherings, wearing religious clothing, and distributing religious literature. The law goes on to call out school boards and note that no school governing entity can prohibit students from engaging in religious expression in the completion of school assignments.

This bill is wonderful news for public school students in Ohio. We have seen time and time again that many public school administrators are just entirely unaware of their students’ substantial religious rights, and hopefully this law will go a long way to rectifying that problem.

Let us pray that other states will consider following Ohio’s lead and ensure that religious students have the legal protection they deserve.